The main products we work with, could be classified according to their origin in the folowing way: Fish from Galicia and Portugal Such as John Dory, Monkfish, Common sole, bass,Swordfish, Axillary seabream, blackspot SeaBream, White Seabream, Turbot, Wreck fish, Hake, calamari, mako,etc.. Fish from Azores Islands John dory, grouper, yellow grouper, trowl calamari, red seabream, alfonsino, red scorpionfish, … Fish from New Zeland grouper, streaked gurnard and John dory Fish from Oman red seabream, red grouper Fish from France monkfish tale, sole, bass, wedge sole, king scallop,…. Fish from Mediterranean Swordfish and others. Fish form Aquaculture Turbot, seabream, bass and sole.




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